Hardwood Decking


Bangkirai is a natural timber product which brings the warmth and beauty of nature to almost any outdoor area. Be it a restaurant terrace, a main walkway, a garden patio or a luxury development.

As one of the most reliable and durable products on the market Bangkirai is a firm favourite with designers and architects, the range of products are perfect for prestigious architectural and landscape developments. Whatever your project you can rely on Bangkirai decking from Abbey Woods.


Bangkirai Safe Grip

Bangkirai Safe Grip Decking is an ideal product for public projects, bridges, walkways, playgrounds, outdoor staircases etc., in fact all areas where it is necessary to secure a safe grip. The hardwood deck boards when treated with the Safe Grip concept, will offer you additional surface grip. Tested under severe conditions, Safe Grip has proven its durability over time and in different weather conditions.

What is Bangkirai Safe Grip?

Safe Grip is a mixture of resin based aggregate inserts which are injected into the deck board grooves. One or more lines of Grip Deck inserts can be added as requires, but 2 lines on a 145mm wide board has been chosen as standard



Bangkirai Safe Grip UCD Arts Block University College Dublin


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EKKI (Azobe) Decking

Botanical Name: Lophira alata, Lophira Procera
Indigenous to: Tropical West Africa
Durability: Class 1

Ekki Decking Size 145x45mm Cross grooved on the Liffey Boardwalk Dublin


Ekki Decking 145x45mm Cross grooved on Bridge Botanic Gardens Dublin


Ekki Decking 145x45m with Anti slip metal inserts New Ross Boardwalk



                          Ekki decking can be also be supplied with Resin bonded aggregate inserts