New Products

Abbey Woods Elite WPC Composite Decking

Abbey Woods Elite WPC Composite Decking is a high quality built decking using the new advanced manufacturing process called Co-extrusion. The deck system is wrapped with an outer sheath around the length of decking to protect it from the elements. This adds grain like textures which improves the strength and natural look of the deck and also allows it to be available in a wide variety of colours and stains. The boards have a wood grain on one face and grooves on the reverse, so you can get the look that you want.

Moisture getting into the material is one of the major factors contributing to the failure of decking. Abbey Woods Elite Composite Decking is totally sealed and protected from moisture. It is a semi-solid board with circular bore holes which help reduce weight but significantly increase strength. When it comes to Composite Decking, quality is king for adding long lasting value to your home.

Our composite decking is of the highest quality and unlike standard plastic decking, is engineered to last.    Co-extrusion composite decking has a high non-slip rating, which makes it perfect to use in any location, including around (or even in) water. This composite decking  has a hidden locking system which eliminates the need for protruding screws and nails, meaning there are no sharp objects poking out from the top of the deck, making it safe for bare feet.

Primary Features:

  • The hidden locking system insures your deck can expand and contract with the temperature without causing damage to your deck
  • UV stabilised to a high standard to limit fading.
  • No splitting as the product is constructed with polymers and resins for added strength
  • Fully protected against moisture
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Built to withstand high traffic
  • 15 year limited warranty
  • Easy to install and manufactured from renewable green materials
  • Sealed from the elements, Elite Deck gives you strength with a high non slip rating.

Abbey Woods Elite WPC Composite Decking is available in:

Charcoal  150mm x 25mm x 4.8m

Grey         150mm x 25mm x 4.8m

Brown     150mm x 25mm x 4.8m

DeckWright Anti-Slip Insert Kit

DeckWright Inserts offer an affordable, robust anti-slip decking solution once and for all, even when deck boards are wet. Suitable for garden decking and commercial projects, DeckWright Inserts fix into the existing grooves of timber decking with a specially formulated adhesive and provide a reassuring grip to reduce the risk of injury.

Easily cut to length with standard tools, DeckWright Inserts offer an effective non-slip decking insert for full timber deck areas or simply steps and walkways; wherever you wish to benefit from anti-slip decking. Quick to apply, they are a long-lasting, tested and approved solution. Enjoy your timber decking, whatever the weather.

The DeckWright Anti-Slip Insert Kit comes with 25 one metre strips and a tube of adhesive.

Fitting Instructions

Fitting is simple. Firstly, view our installation guide pdf. It’s a very simple, three step process. Firstly, ensure that your timber decking is clean and dry to touch. If you are fixing them to older decking, clean off any debris with a brush or pressure washer if necessary. Supplied in one metre lengths, standard tools can cut DeckWright Inserts to specific lengths as required. Decide on the grooves that you wish to fix the non-slip decking inserts to and working in stages, apply a small bead of DeckWright Adhesive into the first groove. Press the insert into the groove and hold firm for a minute. Allow to dry fully before placing anything on the decking. Once complete, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with anti-slip decking.