Laminated Stair Parts

Abbey Woods Laminated Stair Parts are a range of engineered Oak and Pine timber products.

Our  range of stair parts are an ever expanding group of innovative wood products sourced from around the world, Laminated products are renowned for their improved stability and versatility. Dramatically increasing the potential for the effective application of wood while out-performing the properties of non-engineered timber.

Offering real strength and extraordinary efficiency, the range of laminated products retain and enhance the beauty and appeal of real Oak  and Pine wood.

Reduced handling

All our components are produced in standard trade sizes which make handling and manufacturing quicker and easier and the use of storage space more efficient.

Environmentally friendly

As laminated stair parts reduce waste, the timber is used more efficiently, thereby satisfying the most exacting demands for products that contribute to environmental sustainability.



Products Thickness Width Length
Oak Stair Tread  28mm 270mm 1m & 1.2m
Oak Stair Strings 32mm & 40mm 230mm 4.27 & 4.5m
Oak Stair Risers 20mm  210mm 4.5m
Oak Handrail Blanks 60mm   70mm   4.27m
Pine Stair Tread   25mm & 28mm 270mm 3.6 & 4.5m
Pine Stair Riser 18mm 205mm 3.6 & 4.5m
Pine Stair Strings 44mm 220mm 4.5m
Pine Board 18mm & 25mm 1220mm 2440mm



Why choose Laminated Stair Parts?

By choosing Abbey Woods for your range of products, you are choosing a company who are leading the industry through innovation.

Laminated Stair Parts increase the potential for the effective application of timber, cut down on waste and increase production time. Thanks to our experience, we have produced an impressive range of engineered Oak and Pine timber components, guaranteed to out-perform regular timber every time.

Dimensional stability

The  construction offers more stability and stress performance compared to traditional Oak and Pine solid wood.

Reduced wastage

The components are made to measure, resulting in less waste. As they are easy to assemble, labour costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Quality control

Laminated Stair parts are free from the problems associated with knots, splits and staining. Each component is consistently, manufactured graded and dried, giving a uniform performance and appearance.

Reduced costs

Reduced waste and labour along with the production of a better end product can only have a positive result in cost savings.